Are you Available for Commissions?

At the moment, I am only taking graphic design and web design projects. If you have a design project please feel free to request a quote here

Do you have any prints for sale?


Historical Fashion Drawings

Can I use your historical drawings for a school project?

I must respectfully decline. I do not wish to have any of my historical fashion drawings used for any school projects and presentations. For academic studies, you should be referencing the primary sources – e.g. the original historical artworks.

What are your sources?

Lots and lots of books! I love books so much. I have a list of resources right here. 

Can I post the timelines on a forum or blog?

Yes! You are welcome to post historical fashion drawings on forums, discussion boards or personal blog. I ask only a few simple things:

  1. Please post a link back to my personal website (www.nancyduong.com).
  2. Please DO NOT ALTER the artwork in any shape or form

When will you do a fashion timeline for (Specific Country/Nationality)?

Unfortunately I cannot take requests at this time.