Hairstyles of Nguyen Dynasty

Hairstyles of Nguyen Dynasty Viet Nam 1802-1945 The Nguyen Dynasty is Viet Nam’s last ruling family and lasted for 143 years. Excerpts from John Crawfurd’s

Qing Dynasty Official

Qing Dynasty Official The Qing Dynasty was the last imperial Chinese dynasty that lasted from 1644 to 1912.Featured below is the formal attire of a

Heian Lady

Jūnihitoe 十二単

The jūnihitoe was the formal wear of  Heian court lady. It translates to “twelve unlined robes”. However the term that was in actual use during the Heian era is karaginumo.

Hairstyles of Tang Dynasty

Hairstyles of Tang Dynasty China 618-907 A.D. Hairstyles “In early Tang, hair ornaments were rather simple, but during the reign of Emperor Taizong the buns


Ohaguro (お歯黒) The Japanese tradition of dyeing one’s teeth black. To make the teeth black, black dye from a mixture of powdered iron fillings and

Tang Dynasty Eyebrow Trends

Tang Dynasty Eyebrow Trends China 618-907 A.D. “Women of the Tang Dynasty paid particular attention to facial appearance, and the application of powder or even

Dragon and Phoenix

Dragon and Phoenix It is said that the dragon and phoenix symbolize yin and yang, male and female. Other Projects

Ink Drawing of a girl wearing a Tocoyal by Nancy Duong


Tocoyal An ink drawing inspired by the beautiful Mayan/Guatemalan hair wraps. Other Projects